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Our involvement with osquery goes back to the initial design documents. Deep familiarity with its capabilities and shortcomings has been gained through years of contributions to the project, and experience working with the agent across a spectrum of technical organizations.

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Kolide Fleet

Designing the osquery remote APIs led to our development of Kolide's open-source fleet manager for osquery. We built and maintain major portions of the leading osquery fleet manager.

Golang Gopher

Go & Containers

Years of experience working with Go, Docker, and Kubernetes enable us to solve complex problems with these emerging technologies.


  • Development

    Custom development of osquery tables, loggers, and features for Kolide Fleet. We have years of experience building scalable software in Go and C++.

  • Consulting

    With experience deploying and developing integrations with osquery in organizations large and small, we provide insights that enable your team to build better solutions, faster.

  • Deployment

    Get osquery and Fleet up and running to protect your organization. We have experience running osquery on fleets of tens to millions.

  • Education

    We offer public and private trainings in osquery and Fleet to boost confidence and efficacy with the leading open-source security tools.

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